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Kim Katz - teacher



Thank you for your interest in Katz Piano Studio!

I work with all ages of children and levels of playing, beginners through advanced levels, and I also work with beginner adults and adults who had lessons as a child who would like to resume learning.

If your child is a new beginner ages 5-12, the lesson will be a 30-minute weekly private lesson.  Beginners age 13 and up and more advanced students who are transferring from other studios need a 45-minute lesson.  All adults ages 18 and older also need a 45-minute lesson.

I charge only for lessons you take, not a flat monthly fee!  Unlike most all other studios, I charge absolutely no other fees!!  Many amazing benefits are completely free of charge including free studio performance classes, free annual recitals, free professionally-produced recital videos of your child’s performance posted to my website and a free music loan program which saves you hundreds of dollars in book costs over time!  You will not find these free benefits elsewhere!  Your child will receive a very thorough classical education which includes note reading, counting rhythms, music theory, intensive scale and chord work, sightreading and classical repertoire.  This kind of musical education allows your child to become an independent musician who can eventually play any kind of music and, as another big bonus, allows an easier transition to learning any other instrument!

Before starting lessons, you will need to have a piano in your home or a full-sized (88 keys) digital piano with attached pedals for your child’s daily practice. Please let me know if you need to purchase an instrument and I can direct you to stores where you can find affordable instruments.  

If you search for teachers on the internet, please beware!  You should know that there are many, many people advertising themselves as piano teachers who are completely unqualified to train children properly.  Some of these “teachers” may play piano well themselves but do not know how to teach children at all!  The result of hiring a poor instructor is that your child will learn very little after years of study and you will waste time and money!

I have many award-winning students including children who studied with me for several years and then chose music as their major in college and were awarded music scholarships as a result of studying piano with me!  In 2016, I was the recipient of the Top Teacher Award in Kansas City presented by Schmitt Music in collaboration with Steinway and Sons.  If you have not yet read through my website,, I encourage you to read about my qualifications, extensive musical education, (including a college degree in piano performance from the UMKC Conservatory of Music where I was awarded a full-ride piano scholarship), multiple awards and honors, and take a look at my professionally produced recital videos for my students and their families!  I have been teaching in the Kansas City area for 40 years.   

Learning the piano challenges the brain like no other instrument and actually helps your child do better in school!

If you have other questions or you are interested in a free meet and greet in my home studio where we can discuss giving your child the greatest gift and an amazing skill for a lifetime, the joy of making music, please let me know.  I would be delighted to meet you and your child!

-Kim Katz-

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